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Our website is being given a complete makeover, but it's very much business as usual providing custom packaging to our valued customers.

Our in-house design team are also working on custom packaging solutions for our Automotive and Consumer Packaging Industry clients.

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What's new at Engineered Packaging Solutions

Our sleek modern website will make it easier to discover our extensive range of packing products and services including:

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) boxes, trays, and totes

Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) boxes and custom formed packaging as a styrene alternative

Thermoform custom molded packaging, custom designed and available in various gauges

Corrugated Plastic for packaging, custom totes, custom trays, and more

Corrugated paper and cardboard packaging including boxes, sleeves, die cuts, and available litho printed to your specific requirements

7 colour print Paperboard Packaging including cartons, beer and beverage trays

Poly bag packaging in almost any shape or design you wish, with custom digital printing