EPS Inc. provides high-quality products designed to meet the unique needs of every customer request. 

Timely Service

We will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring needs are met within a timeline that works best for all customers.


Our company works hard to provide the best and most efficient solution to each customer's specific packaging needs.


At EPS Inc, we work hard to establish and maintain strong and long-lasting relationships with both our partnered manufacturers as well as our current and past customers. 

Customer Solution Guarantee

We know our strengths here at EPS Inc. If we believe your request isn't 100% suited to what we do best, we will take time to direct you towards a company that specializes in providing quality solutions better suited to your needs. 

More Questions?

Still have more questions? Make sure to contact us HERE and we will be in touch as soon as we can. 


Engineered Packaging Solutions Inc. is committed to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to any customer's packaging needs.



With experience dating back to 1988, Ross Snider has established a reputable standing within the packaging industry. Before founding EPS Inc. in July of 2008, Ross already had over 17 years of experience working in the corrugated box industry as well as three years with returnable packaging. Since then, Ross has worked to develop and sustain successful relationships with first-class manufacturers specializing in providing custom packaging solutions.


EPS Inc. holds pride in its ability to develop and sustain professional relationships with top manufacturers. We aim to partner with companies focused on providing cost-effective, custom-designed packaging solutions made of high quality, all while continuing to deliver an exceptional customer experience.